logo_portraitBaschurch CE (A)  Primary School and Myddle CE Primary School and Nursery finalised their Federation on 28th February 2017.

The schools retain their own names, but the federation will be called  The Harris Gough Federation. There is a lot of history in our villages which we wanted to reflect in the name and we hope that children over the years to come will enjoy finding out about Eleanor Harris and Richard Gough and that their legacies will live on.

What’s in a name?     The Harris Gough Federation

Eleanor Harris

Eleanor Harris set up a school in her home in Weston Lullingfields in the early 1700’s.

During her life she established a small estate of farmland and houses including Baschurch School. In her Will, which can be seen at Baschurch Primary School, she left the estate for the benefit of children in the area at that time.

The parish had the benefit of an endowment by Eleanor Harris in 1716, for the education and clothing of poor children. Eleanor was adamant that education should be available to all children, no matter what their situation was. Baschurch School was a place where they could learn, receive a free uniform and boots to wear.  Even to this day, the Eleanor Harris Trust provide some money every year to the school, as per her will, to make sure this continues.

In 2016, we had a big 300 year anniversary celebration at Baschurch Primary School. We were visited by an ex-pupil and teacher, Jessie E Hanson, who has spent many years researching and writing a book about Eleanor Harris.

Richard Gough

Richard Gough, author of “Antiquities and Memories of the Parish of Myddle”, and “Observations concerning the seats in Myddle and the families to which they belong” was born in 1635 and died in 1723.  He was educated in Myddle and Broughton, and lived at Newton on the Hill.

Although Gough’s writings are not currently in print, a freely available digitised version created by Google can be accessed here

To celebrate the 300th anniversary of Gough’s account of village life, a group of 18 local people created an illustrated pack of six walks around Myddle which have become known as the ‘Gough Walks’.

We now have one governing body over the two schools, details of which can be found on the Governors page of this website.

Below are copies of the letter to parents and the consultation document, which contains an explanation of what federation is, what it means for our schools and its stakeholders and how you can respond to the proposal.

If you would like more information about Myddle CE Primary School, you can access their website here: Myddle CE Primary School and Pre-School