Road Safety

The road outside school is potentially dangerous. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic is considerable at the start and end of the school day. It is imperative that we all work together to reduce the number of vehicles in Eyton Lane at the times when children are approaching or leaving school.

Parents waiting at the school gates should ensure that they are not blocking the pavements and thereby causing children to step into the road.

Children are encouraged to take an interest in road safety issues and we run cycle training and ‘Stepping Out’ pedestrian training for KS2. We regret that parents cannot bring cars on to the school premises at the start and end of the school day for purposes of delivery or collecting children (except by special arrangement). Nor are they allowed to use the staff car park at the Corbet School.

Our Parent Handbook is a quick guide to how we work at our school. Full school policies can be read on our Policies page