We have been very busy in library , we have a sign competition and some class one students have been joining, ks1 library (tuesdays) include borrowing a book of their choice , story time , activities , and much more ks2 library (thursdays) include all the above if any child would like to join library they will need to report to Mrs Lord (class three) , Zoe collins , Sophie weir , Jasmine Wheeler ,Emily Carter , Amy Brough , Hettie Walsh , ,Clare Pitt or Emily Dunst (All in class six) .

We hold ks1and 2 library days in the story library (lower library ) but if they want any student may go in the reference library ( upper library ) and read a book however nobody can borrow any book from the reference library as we wouldn’t want them to get damaged

We hope that everyone who joined or joins enjoys coming in library anyone is welcome to join. THE MORE THE MERRIER!!!

I hope this has answered most of your questions if you wish for more information please report to Mrs Lord (Class three T.A)

By Zoe

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