Monday 13th July

Summer Term – Week 12 (w/c 13th July) – Lesson 1 – Metric Units
Please check you are on the right week and lesson shown above.
Watch the teaching video clip and then answer the related questions, pausing the video at the relevant stage. I have attached the worksheet for you to complete.

Lesson 1 – Metric units


If you have not already – read or listen to Chapter 16:

I shall attach a picture of the letter the children send to the Queen. Using your Book Talk skills, complete the following sentences.
Book Talk:

The Fantastics – Feelings
The overriding feeling at this moment is ……….

The Stylistics – Solving problems
This is a satisfactory/unsatisfactory respultion to the problem _______because _______

The Analytics – Accessing phonics and Grammar
A sentence that ‘caught our eye’ was _____________ because ___________

Virtual school trip – International Space Station:
Begin by watching the videos about the space station, and then make use of Google Street View where you can explore the International Space Station some more.

Did you know that humans have been living in space for almost 20 years?  The Space station has been continuously occupied since November 2000, and orbits Earth every 90 minutes. The six-person crew lives and works in the solar-powered station, which offers sleeping quarters, bathrooms, a gym and a 360-degree view bay window to look down to Earth. Researchers from 103 countries have conducted thousands of experiments on board, and you are next!
Design a new module for the space station and describe what hypothetical scientific experiments you will run.
You can use the following websites to help with your design.