Monday 23rd March

Monday 23rd March
Firstly, if you haven’t already done so, today could be a good day to create a timetable for the upcoming week, set some ground rules and discuss the best way for you to learn from home over the next couple of weeks. Below are some guidelines and tasks you may want to complete, however please adapt these to best suit your family. Cooking, outdoor activities, arts and crafts and exploring are all forms of learning!

English: Adverbs detail when things happen and can modify a verb. Complete the ‘countryside contrasts’ task on purple mash:

If you have time afterwards collect a range of adverbs and use these to talk to your parent or sibling about your day.

Maths: Fractions. Complete the addition and subtraction of the different fractions.

Science: Continuing on from the work we did in class last week, children should research our solar system and create their own model showing how the sun and our 8 planets are viewed. I expect this to take some time so no rush to get it finished but please do share a picture of the completed project. Sketching, 3D models, fruit representations and digital creations are all possible creative ideas. There will be a written task to follow this next week.

Spellings: Using a dictionary can you find each spelling word and write the correct definition if you did not get chance to do this last week.
All spellings are also on spelling shed and can be practiced online or in homework books/spelling books.

Please continue to use IDL and Rock Star Maths.

Also, put aside 30 mins each day for the pupils to read in a focused manner.

Useful links:


TTRockstars –

Purple Mash –

Spelling Shed –

All log in’s should be in the front/back of homework books. Any problems please do get in touch and I shall do my best to find these for you.