Monday 29th June



Read and Interpret line graphs
Follow the below link, watch the video and complete the worksheet attached.


NEW TEXT: The Boy at the back of the class by Onjali Q. Rauf

If you have the book: Read Chapter 1

If you do not have the book: Listen to the audio of me reading Chapter 1 below

After reading or listening to the story, make a note of the key characters we have met so far. Write a brief description (bullet points) about what we know of these characters.

Then answer these three questions:
1. Who is telling the story? Is it written in first or third person?
2. Who has the author captivated us?
3. The author creates a believable setting by ……..


Time to go travelling!

Challenge: To find some interesting/quirky animals or plants from around the world and explore their life cycles.

Below are some suggestions for you to research and look into online and in books but feel free to choose your own if you wish.
• Duck-billed platypus
• Kanagaroo
• Dolphin
• Polar bear Birds
• Penguin
• Salamander
• Mosquito
• Dung beetle
• Lotus (plant)
• Coco de Mer (plant)

Can you create a scientific life cycle sketch for two of these animals/plants (like the illustrations you did a few weeks ago)?

What sort of sketches might they include to show how these life cycles differ?

Remember the kinds of life cycle and reproduction that is expected for each type of animal and plant.

Useful websites to help with your research: