Our final week as Year 6

So here we are…. your final week at Baschurch Primary School. We are so sorry you haven’t had the same final privileges, experiences or trips but you have made history! Not only do you have the coolest Leaver’s Jumper year (2020), you have been the heroes and the history makers that will always be remembered. We are so excited to take part in our Virtual Leaver’s Service on Wednesday – its going to be an emotional one!


This week you are going to be hearing lots of stories, sharing memories and looking forwards to your next milestone – starting secondary school. Before we get there, we just wanted to take a minute and say a huge thank you! Thank you for being brave, for being strong and for being so mature when the world has changed for all of us and you have seen things you have been looking forward to for so long change, be postponed and cancelled. Every single one of you have been amazing, swallowing the disappointment, keeping your chins up and carrying on.


Thank you for all your hard work, commitment and effort to try and  continue your education ‘online’ for the past 4 months. Last September we made plans, set targets and aimed high – none of you disappointed us or did not fulfil the hopes and standards we set for you – you have soared!


We could not be more proud of a our Year 6 class and you will always be a special year group to us –  with so many good memories, giggles and achievements to treasure. So thank you for making this year one we will never forget as your teachers!


We have plenty to say about you as the week goes on and hope you enjoy this very special week and you feel celebrated and appreciated by the whole school as only a Year 6 class can or should!


Mrs Kovach, Mrs Hillidge and Mrs Beard

For now, we do have some work for you to complete, we are going to carry on as normal (for now)


1)  Complete/choose the correct date and which level you want to choose.  Bronze is the easiest and Platinum is the hardest! (Challenge yourself – think which one you should be trying, we should have sent you a suggested level for you to try but you are very welcome to try above) https://corbettmathsprimary.com/5-a-day/

2) Complete today’s White Rose task – Geometry  – Week 1 – Lesson 1 – Area and Perimeter


Monday 13th July

Lesson 1 – Draw nets of 3D shapes

Tuesday 14th July

Lesson 2 – Circles

Wednesday 15th July

Lesson 3 – Read and interpret pie charts

Thursday 16th July

Lesson 4 – The mean

Other Curriculum Areas

Reading –

Design a missing person’s poster

  • What information needs to be included in a poster
  • How would Michael be described?
  • What evidence can you find to support your findings?
  • Refer to Missing Poster Worksheet

History –

Our final visit to Mexico and the Ancient Mayan. This week we are studying the Mayan writing system.

  1. First read the presentation, each activity is listed below to be completed.

 #Lesson Presentation Maya Writing

Activity 1 – Mayan Writing Fact Cards and Fact Hunt

Activity Sheet Maya Writing Fact Hunt

Comprehension Answer Sheets

Activity 2 – Complete the writing comprehension

Activity Sheet Maya Writing Comprehension

Comprehension Answer Sheets

Activity 3 – Design writing

Activity Sheet Logograms