Spring 2 Week 1

Firstly, thank you to all parents who attended parents’ evening last week, it was good to update you with your children’s progress and I hope I could answer any questions you may have had.


We continued our work on Macbeth. This week we wrote poetry for the witches’ rhyme around the cauldron. We examined the different features of the text including; repeated phrases, imperative verbs, disgusting ingredients, archaic language and expanded noun phrases. We both both collaboratively and independently to write our own verses of the witches’ rhyme following the structure of the original.


We are now beginning our block of work on fractions. We revised equivalent fractions on the playground, playing a game called ‘Crocodile Creek’. We then moved onto converting improper and mixed number fractions, creating and solving our own problems (this also links to this week’s homework).


Carrying on our learning into the Anglo-Saxon & Viking era, we have been discovering crime and punishment from the Anglo-Saxon times and comparing it to our law system today.