Spring week 1

Happy New Year and welcome back!

Here’s a round up of our week in Year 2…

In maths we have been:

Counting money in pence, pounds and notes.

Making totals using different coins

Giving change

In English we have been planning our story which will be titled How To Catch……

We decided who we are going to catch, the best time to catch them, what we would ask them, what we would tell them, what you should NOT do to catch them and what you should do to catch them. This piece of work will primarily focus on using different sentence types (questions, statements, commands) as well as conjunctions, noun phrases and a full range of Year 2 punctuation.

Our new topic this term is Charles Darwin, so far we discussed and recorded what we already know and what we would like to know. This topic has a number of curriculum links including; history, geography, science, english and computing and will also include a school trip to Shrewsbury.

This term we have also started Book Talk. We have started this week and the class have really enjoyed it. A sheet with some more information will be sent home tomorrow and will give you some ideas for questions you could ask your child when reading with them.

Key Days to remember:

Spelling test & Homework – Please ensure homework books are in school every FRIDAY for our spelling test. New spellings and homework will also be given.

PE – PE will be on WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY this term but please make sure PE kits are in school every day in case this changes.

Times table test – This will now be every FRIDAY. Please ensure Times Table books are in school so we can stick the tests in and send them home.

Reading books – Please send your current reading book into school every day so that the children are able to read with an adult or independently.