Thank You

It’s the end of the year!

Dear all,

I’m sure you’ll agree it feels very strange that the school year is over. This year has most certainly been one of the strangest many of us will ever experience. We will all have our own memories of lockdown and I hope you’ll be able to look back at some happy times (mine will be the arrival of Nansi!)

To the children…
You made school fun. Your excitement and smiley faces in the mornings could brighten up the darkest of days. You should all be very proud of how far you have come this year, both in your learning in school and at home.
I’m sorry we didn’t get to finish the year properly but my door will always be open to you; whether you have a problem or if you have done something amazing that you want to show me.

Thank you for all your support this year. I already knew you were a hugely supportive group of parents before lockdown but the way so many of you have gone above and beyond since you have been learning from home has been amazing. Despite missing school, I know so many of the children have had positive experiences that they will treasure forever.

I hope you all have a brilliant Summer and you can now get excited for starting Year 3 in September. The last few months have made us all realise what a special place school is and maybe how we take it for granted (myself included!) I’ll look forward to hearing all your stories when we return and can’t wait to see you all.

One last big thank you from me.
Have a great summer and stay safe.