This week in Year 2

Just an update on what we have been learning in Year 2 this week.


We have been adding 2 two digit numbers this week in Maths. Children have been introduced to using the number line method to support this. It would be really useful if you could work on mental addition with the children. Number bonds to ten and addition and subtraction of ten numbers so that children can become more fluent with their number facts to support their work. We will be moving on to subtraction next week as well as solving word problems using our new skills.


Our topic this half term has been materials. Children have already carried out an investigation which involved finding the best paper towel to absorb water. The made predications about what would happen and recorded their results using a chart. They could then evaluate what they found out.

We have also looked at natural and man made materials, where they could be found and what objects we have around school that are made from natural and man made materials.


Our class text text is The Christmasaurus. It has been so lovely to see so many children with their own copy. This is not essential but nice for the children to participate in Class Reading. The only rule is they must not read ahead of where we are at in Class.

Enjoy the rest of your week,

Miss Clough.