Thursday 16th July Year 3

Well we’ve made it to the end, this is the last day of the school year! The last day for you to be in Year 3! When you return in September you’ll be in Year 4. Please give me a wave and say hello. I will miss you all, but I know you’ll work hard and do well in Year 4.

So for the last time there is some work on Purple Mash! There is the last chapter of the story, “The Ice Cream Villain” to read and answer questions on. Then there is a book review to write and some maths on comparing and ordering numbers over 1000.

On BBC Bitesize there is some maths on bar charts and for English you can create a comic strip of the first moon landing. In addition,  there is a dance lesson based on Alice in Wonderland.

Remember the commonwealth games mascot competition that I put up yesterday. You’ve got until the end of the month to enter. Well done and thank you for all your hard work during the lock down. Happy holidays, have fun and enjoy the summer.