Thursday 25th June

Thursday 25th June
Hi everyone! Firstly, you can join us to test this weeks ‘homophone’ spellings (list 31 & 32) at 9:30AM. We’ll also do some sentence building linked to today’s English task in the remaining time.

Today’s tasks can be found on BBC Bitesize.

English – One-armed robot letters. You have a ‘finding’, handwriting and sentence building activity. Challenge yourself with the sentences to use adjectives and conjunctions to add more detail.

Maths – Comparing mass (worksheet attached)

D&T – Food and nutrition. Why not help prepare a meal and identify which of the food groups from your video are on your plates! Send me a picture of you cooking/eating your meal and tell me what’s on your plate! I’ll post one of my meals during the day – you can tell me if it’s healthy and explain how you know!

Spelling Shed – If you are using the PDF, we are now on list 33. If you practice on Spelling Shed, this week’s new list is called ‘Words ending in -tion’

Maths Shed – Practice your number bonds to 100!