Thursday 26th March


Using your fraction knowledge create a piece of art. This can be as creative as you like (drawn, painted, modelled). I would like you to focus on mixed number and improper fractions. Remember a mixed number fraction is a whole number and a fraction. An improper fraction is where the numerator is bigger than the denominator (top number = numerator & bottom number = denominator).
You could chop up a piece of fruit to show me two whole apples and 1/8 (17/8)
You could find something in the garden.

You could draw a block of flats and colour the windows to show the lights are on in 3 whole blocks and 4/7 (25/7)

I would like to see three different representations.
This is a slightly complicated task so feel free to use to complete a quick task and start thinking about percentages.


In class we have been reading ‘My Secret War Diary’ by Flossie Albright. Some children have their own copies so use those to help you but all children have read enough with me in class and created their own entries to be able to complete this task.

Use your new found knowledge of the Blitz to write your own diary entry about that day. I shall post a picture of Flossie’s entry from the book to support you. I would like you to think about what makes a good entry. You should be writing in first person and pretending you are a child in the same position as Flossie (imagining you are Flossie might help support your writing). Think about using informal language, adding description and if possible including at least one of your spelling words (only if possible).

Once you have completed it you should decorate your entry in the same style as Flossie did.



I am aware that lots of you are using technology quite a lot at the moment but I would like you to take half an hour/45 minutes to log into ‘typing club’. You all have the details of this and your log in stuck into your homework books. It’s important to increase fluency of typing and recognition of the keys for future/life skills so see how you get on familiarising yourself with this programme.
I shall check this evening to see who logged on and what your current typing speed is.