Thursday 26th March

Thursday 26th March:

 Maths Complete day 4 of your pack – arithmetic and reasoning.

Writing:  A 2 Day Creative Writing Task (see Wednesday for more details and The Hobbit link)

Activity  1 – Oral Storytelling. Verbally tell a story to someone about your map and what would happen in your fictional world.

Activity 2 – create a short story that takes place in your own fantasy world. Who are you characters and where might they have to journey to? Why?

Art: Was thinking what we could do here that everyone could have access to and could achieve today, so …  sculpture!

AIM: Create some beautiful sculptural figure art with kids based on the work of Alberto Giacometti

Using foil, skewers or a slim stick from the garden, can you create your own sculpture? You will need to decide what movement you might want to copy – walking, playing an instrument, dancing etc.

Lego Challenge 2 – only a bit of fun!