Tuesday 14th July

Summer Term – Week 12 (w/c 13th July) – Lesson 2 – Imperial Units

Please check you are on the right week and lesson shown above.


Lesson 2 – Imperial units

Watch the teaching video clip and then answer the related questions, pausing the video at the relevant stage. I have attached the worksheet for you to complete.

Read or listen to Chapter 17 and 18 (links above).
Think about a story mountain plan, one you would use to plan your own story. I shall attach a picture example above.
Create a story mountain, mapping out the key events of our story so far.

Spellings: Your last test of this year will be tomorrow so make sure you have practiced and are ready.

Talent Show:
On Thursday I will be running an end of Year Talent Contest. This is just for fun so it would be really cool if as many children as possible had a go. There is no pressure and if you would feel more comfortable on the zoom just watching others that is absolutely fine.
This afternoon I would like you all to decide on your ‘talent’ and get practicing. This could be:
A sporting skill
A dance
A song
A musical talent of some kind
Something funny
Anything else you wish! You choose!
You will be given 1 minute on Thursday’s zoom session to share your chosen talent with the rest of the class. Enjoy!