Tuesday 24th March

Maths Complete day 2 of your pack – arithmetic and reasoning.

Reading: Read for 20 minutes of own book or try reading the first chapter from The Hobbit

https://genius.com/2179715 This link will take you to an online version you could read. I love how detailed this chapter is and it might be something to support you with a writing task later in the week.

Art/English: It is J.R.R Tolkien Day tomorrow so with this in mind, I wanted to focus some work around his books. There are plenty of books that contain maps like Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. The work to day will be the styarting point for the rest of this week’s tasks. Enjoy it! I can’t wait to see your crations. Go and design in the sun too, its beautiful out there so if you can, make the most of it!

Activity 1 –  Explore Maps in Books

What are some of your favourite book maps, and why? Perhaps take some time to look at your bookshelf and see if you can find any books with a map inside. Here are some that I found at home: (will add more to DOJOs as can include more there)

Spend some time looking at the detail in the maps. What do you notice? Do you spot anything you didn’t see before? You might also like to think about the different areas on the map and decide whether they are good or bad places – what makes you think this? Are there particular objects that symbolise good and evil? Does it seem mainly natural or man-made? Is there a path or road? What might this mean? For example ‘Forest of the Dead’ sounds quite ominous and has an image of two cross-bones, which makes me thing of death so maybe this is a bad place, but the ring of trees seems quite safe – why might this be?

Activity 2 – Create your own Writer’s Map

Today, you are going to have a go at some Cartography and be creative! Watch the short 2-min Youtube* video below and have a go at making your own fantasy world in the form of a map!

*be mindful of adverts