Tuesday 30th June


Draw line graphs

Follow the below link, watch the video and complete the worksheet attached.


Lesson 2 – Draw line graphs 2019


Read or listen to Chapter 2 and answer the following questions:


What can we tell about the new boy (Ahmet) from his actions so far? Give some examples from the text.

What is the significance of the boy’s rucksack? How does this help us understand Ahmet a little more?

What evidence do we have so far that makes the children think there is something wrong with Ahmet?

Why do the children think Jenny could be a politician?


Now read or listen to Chapter 3:


Make your own detailed prediction of why you think Ahmet is in Seclusion and why he needs so much of it.



Remember, freedom for all is a balance between rights and responsibilities. Everything we do has an impact on others. Complete the sheet ‘Rights and Responsibilities’, with examples relating to their own lives at home and at school.

Example attached.



I will be taking the Spelling Test tomorrow via a Zoom meeting @ 2pm.

Make sure you are fully prepared for this. Create a word search using your spelling words and ask someone in your house to complete it or send a picture to me and I will have a go myself J