Wednesday 15th July Year 3

Good morning everyone. I hope Purple mash has been working well for you all, I’ve had a few problems, but it seems to be alright again now.

Today there is chapter 6 of “The Ice Cream Villain” to read and answer questions on. Tara and Guy were chased by the Secret Service. What kind of skills would people need to work in the Secret Service? Create a poster to encourage people to join the service. For maths there is a quiz on fraction equivalence.

Commonwealth Games (Birmingham2022) Mascot competition

You might like to enter the Mascot competition  for the commonwealth games .

Design your own mascot, which could go on to become the official icon of the Games.If you go to the website above you’ll find lots of ideas to get you started. Good luck.

On BBC BItesize there is some maths on pictograms and the English is creative writing. Have fun today.