Wednesday 1st July

Good morning everybody! First of all, we have a Zoom chat at 11:15 this morning. Please note the later time as I’m working things around Nansi this morning and we’re on our own from 10 – 11! No need to prepare anything today, we’re going to play a guessing game based around this week’s maths work. I have some household items that you will try to guess the weight of in grams – closest guess wins! If you get time this morning, it might help you to have a go a weighing a few items yourselves if you haven’t already done so this week to help you with your guesses!

Today’s Bitesize activities….

English: Curly caterpillar letters, exclamation marks and a court appearance!

Maths: Measuring capacity and volume (worksheet attached)

History: DINOSAURS! Watch the videos, complete the matching activity… you could also write your own information text about your favourite dinosaurs!

Spelling Shed – List 33 (words ending in -tion) – Zoom test tomorrow!
Maths Shed – Bonds to 100