Wednesday 25th March

Good Morning Year 5.
If possible try and start the day by completing Joe Wicks’ workout! It will be live at 9am on his YouTube channel.

I am shortly about to present the birthday months of the Children in Year 5. Collect this information and put it firstly into a Tally Chart and then convert this into a Bar diagram.

Remember for the Tally chart you will need the Birthday months in one column and the Tally marks opposite. Keep an eye on every time you get to 5 people.

The Bar Graph will need two axis. Think about what you will want to put along the bottom (x axis) and what will be put up the side (y axis).

English: Read the informal sentences below. Copy them down and then write the more formal version underneath.
1. Sophie is a right pest.
2.I aint got a clue what his job is.
3. Tilly always butts in on our chats.

Now do the opposite by changing the formal sentences into more informal ones.
1. The system was particularly difficult to navigate.
2. Dr Thompson was sufficiently thorough during the procedure.
3. What a splendid day we have been having.

Spellings: I would encourage (if at all possible) you to complete your spelling test today. You could get a sibling or parent to test you.

New spellings will be put on Spelling Shed and the website this afternoon.

Topic: I am aware that lots of you are still working on your solar system project as well as your Blitz Newspaper report. Do your best to make your newspaper report as engaging for the reader as possible, include lots of key information about the Blitz, using a key headline and pictures to really make it look like a Newspaper report.

Have a lovely day! As always let me know how you are getting on. Send work across for me to see and ask any questions if you get stuck.

Miss Clough.