Wednesday 25th March

Wednesday & Thursday:

 Maths –  Complete day 3 of your pack – arithmetic and reasoning.

 English: A 2 Day Creative Writing Task

I want to give you 2 days to write the most fabulous story/description about your map. You are going to have to fill your writing with description, atmosphere and vision so your reader will be able to imagine it. Please try and read the beginning for The Hobbit as an example of this. Remember to follow the writing process we use in class –

1 – plan the outline of what you want to write about. (Emily S, Emily P and Thomas, don’t worry about this too much, less is more  – remember it’s just so you have a skeleton for you to plan ahead, don’t spend too much time here.)

2- write your first draft – be as imaginative as you want, no need to worry about the huge tick list we have to complete, this is about your story telling. (Keira and Kim – you will love this opportunity!)

3 – edit for improvements, especially word choices or areas of missing description. Remember – what, why, when, how. (Lola and Daisy you were beginning to be experts at this part for improving your work!)

Activity  1 – Oral Storytelling. Verbally tell a story to someone about your map and what would happen in your fictional world.

Activity 2 – create a short story that takes place in your own fantasy world. Who are you characters and where might they have to journey to? Why?

OR describe in detail a location on your map just like JRR Tolkien, it is dripping in details and imagery. Try reading the first chapter from The Hobbit This link will take you to an online version you could read.

There is NO need to send me your work…yet!  No need for you to  complete a final draft ( as long as YOU can read it, that is what will be important!) I have a cunning plan for Friday! Just make them as amazing as you can!

An extra activity and a bit of fun: 

  1. A 30 day Lego Challenge. This might not suit everyone but many you have sent amazing pictures of your creations so thought I would add this for now while I work on a few more projects for later on.
  2. For those who want, especially for those who love escape rooms or Harry Potter! I saw this yesterday and was thinking of doing it with my son so thought some of you might like it too! A Harry Potter Online Escape Room.