Week 12

Week 12

Congratulations for reaching your final week of year one! A huge well done and thank you to everyone this year, you have all been amazing and I will really miss you being in my class. You have all come so far since I met you in September and achieved so much, I am SUPER proud of you!!!! It has been the most unusual year and your resilience, perseverance and determination has never ceased to astound me. I wish you all a very happy holiday and look forward to seeing you all safely return in September. For all of our home learners who would like to take their school books home, I will be putting a red box in the office this week for you to come and collect them. Your books have been put into plastic bags with your names on so feel free to pop in and take them during the week.

Here are some ideas to keep you going for your last few days of school / home learning:

For Maths this week it would be great if you could practice to tell the time, here’s a link to get you started:


For English you may like to think about the memories you have made in year one. Think about all the fun things you’ve done e.g. The Christmas play, a trip to wonderland, making board games, trying Mexican food, playing with toys from the past…. Which was your favourite? What is your best memory? Have you made a new friend this year?


PE: As we have unfortunately had no opportunity for sports day this year, you may like to make up your own races and activities to do with your family e.g. a walking race balancing a book on your head, egg and spoon race, pillow case / sack race, target throwing… You could even make some 1st , 2nd & 3rd place badges to award the winners!

D&T: Can you plan and make a packed lunch to take to the seaside? What would be your favourite items to include? Do you have a selection of healthy food included. Don’t forget to include a drink. How will you store your food so you don’t get sand in it? Can you write a shopping list of what you need? Check the weather forecast so you can choose appropriate food (you wouldn’t want to take a flask of hot chocolate if it’s going to be hot and sunny).

Science: Faster, further, higher…Watch the videos the see if you can make your own paper plane or rocket mouse!


Have fun with your final week’s activities and don’t forget to send me pictures of what you’ve been doing. The sunshine is due to be shining on us this week and fingers crossed it will continue for your summer holidays! I wish you all a very happy summer and thank you, once again for being a fabulous year one class! Have fun. Stay safe ☀️🌈❤️👍